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SuNam Co.,Ltd, green energy material technology venture enterprise founded in 2004 had commercialized technologies in the fields of superconductors, nano and advanced materials, under the company's MOTO, "commercial developments for the environmentally friendly and high energy-efficient technologies realization," especially high temperature superconducting second-generation wires and its applications including the backup system supply.

We sincerely believe that our green technology can make the better world. For this we are making effort for the development and production of our superconducting wires for the component of superconducting application systems which have no loss of electrical resistance. And we are also doing the research and development of cryocooler, which is able to make ultra low tempurature cryogenic environment where superconducting phenomena take place. Furthermore we are going toward "Total System Provider" by developing and providing the high efficiency power supply and control devices which are necessary for superconductive application.

We do all our best efforts to make the best superconducting technology of ours in order to make the better green world.