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Superconducting wire
We, SuNam Co., Ltd. supply our customers with our 2nd-generation wire, which is classified by the minimum threshold current per unit length to meet the diversity of the customer's requirements as the following specification sheet. Anyone or any company who need or want to purchase a sample, or if you have any questions, please send email to

Cross-section of superconducting wire

Superconducting Wire Specification
Superconductor material GdBCO
Electrical Properties  
Critical current (Ic) A @ 77K self field depends on length
≥ 100A, 150A, 200A / 4mm width

≥ 300A, 400A, 500A, 600A / 12mm width
Splice wire available in long lengths  
Type to Ag coating : width 4 and 12㎜
to Cu plating : width 4㎜
to Cu plating and Brass Lamination : width 4㎜
Substrate Hastelloy C276 : thickness 60㎛
Non-magnetic SUS : thickness >80㎛
a 77K, self-field, 1μV/㎝ Hastelloy C276 : thickness 60㎛
Mechanical Specifications  
Minimum double bending diameter (95%ICretention,RT) < 30mm
Maximum rated tensile stress (95%ICretention,RT) > 250MPa
Maximum rated wire tension (RT) > 20kgf
Maximum rated tensile strain (95%ICretention,RT) 0.30%

SuNam 2G Wire Architecture